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Case studies
The AGBI supports artists who are in difficult circumstances. When an artist’s life, career and health start to collapse the AGBI is often the only benevolent fund to which they can turn.

The support we give is person-centered, meaning we do our best to help our applicants in the most appropriate and meaningful way.

In March 2016, a referral came in from one of our stewards for a sculptor in his late 80s who has dementia. His dementia was diagnosed several years ago and his family were doing all they could to keep him at home. As his dementia progressed it became obvious that the family did not have the skills or capacity to look after all his needs.

The house had a very basic bath and shower that the sculptor was not able to use safely and the provision of care that the State was providing was simply not sufficient. The sculptor and the family needed additional support.

The AGBI agreed to fund a new step free shower and to provide additional night-time care to support the applicant and give the family some well needed respite.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association contacted the AGBI about a painter living in Cornwall who needed support.

The painter had been a distinguished artist since the 1960s juggling a career as a painter, an art teacher and raising her young family in her early years and then maintaining a studio and practice in her later years. Her condition had meant that she was no longer able to paint – which was heart breaking for the artist – and therefore no longer able to go to her studio. She had struggled financially for many years and had fallen into debt.

During her assessment it was clear that financial support for the very basic items was necessary. The AGBI was able to provide funding to pay for her gas and electricity bills, to buy much needed clothing and bedding and to provide a new washing machine to make her life that little bit easier.